Review: Guns of Liberty by Jamie Mauchline

Published Self-published (April 7, 2019)
Series: #1
Cover Artists: Giselle Almeida (illustration), Danielle Vivian (design), Kallum Best (diagram)
Genre: Steampunk, Scifi, Fantasy


“First rule of piracy: be in the wrong place at the right time” Pirate Captain Genevieve Jones puts this rule to the test when she and her ship, the Heart of Gold, attack an airship carrying the recently betrothed Duchess of Albany, Lalita Laffel. When the final war of the Old Gods destroyed the seas, the Liberty Empire rose from the ruins and conquered the skies- but its control may be slipping as pirates roam, occultists dabble in profane magics left by dispossessed gods and disgruntled colonies ferment trouble.

Magic hunter Rachel Masters has been dispatched to Albany by Talon’s Inquisition, to recover a legendary and dangerous magical weapon left by the gods before it can be used against the Empire. When the archbishop refuses to allow Rachel access to the Sanctus Treasury, she realizes that she will need assistance from the Duchess Lalita, who unfortunately must first be rescued from the mercenary clutches of the elusive pirate Genevieve Jones.

Before turning to piracy, Genevieve served in the Liberty navy, but her experiences left her with old scars and a terrible burden to carry. Finding a rich bounty for her renegade crew is now Genevieve’s priority- but fate has set these strong women on a collision course as they uncover ancient rivalries and treacherous magic’s that threaten not only the Empire, but the world!

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Ps. My review was fully honest and unbiased. Thank you BookSirens and Jamie for the arc.

As soon as I finished reading Jamie Mauchline’s Guns of Liberty, I knew a glowing review was in order.

Even though I could tell from the synopsis that this was a story that checked many of my boxes as a reader, I could not have been prepared for how strongly this book enraptured me and how quickly it rose to my top reads of the year. 

In fact, I am proud to say I’ve discovered an unexpected favorite in reading this daring steampunk novel infused with intriguing fantasy elements.

Plunging straight into the heart of the action, Guns of Liberty introduces us to a world where devotion and war walk hand in hand. 

For thousands of years, the Old Gods ruled over the Meridian, before Talon revenged against them and struck them down.

Once the Meridian was overrun by water, but Talon’s rebellion unleashed the Calamity, an event that drained the seas and shrouded the inhospitable land in mist.

Now long gone, Talon is revered as a deity and his Church has formed a worldwide theocracy rivaled only by the navy, which makes its home in the city of Liberty.  

Inflamed by the kidnapping of their Duchess by Renegade pirates, the dutchy of Albany and the rogue powers of Liberty clash together in a tale of battling airships and magic woven around an ancient pirate legend, straining the already tentative relations between Albany and Liberty.

Anyone that dives into its depths will find themselves pulled by the rippling tides of this good old fashioned action-packed swashbuckling story with tendrils of magic rising from its foundations and plenty of charismatic characters to root for.

From Genevieve Jones –the enigmatic pirate captain of a crew of Liberty Renegades– , to Rachel Masters –an inquisitor of the Church sworn to uphold the laws of Talon, including the illegal use of magics–, to Lalita Laffel –the Duchess of Albany who finds herself thrust into a life-or-death battle for her land–, and a vaster cast that steals away at your attention bit by bit. 

Mauchline builds a very well-accomplished story with a heart of gold that leads to an exciting open ending promising a bucketload of adventures and the deepening of a world where ancient magic pulls the strings of power-hungry men.

Expect soaring airships, mystical swords, and a whole lot of exploding shrapnel making your heart race from one battle to another.

Even with all the tension and non-stop action, Guns of Liberty never relents its heart-aching moments.

As the story unravels bits and pieces of our characters’ pasts and the hurt that has chased them across the skies, as unrelenting as the wind, a new universe is opened up for the rest of the books of the series.

Three unstoppable women fight for their home, their loyalties, and their beliefs as each chapter peels back another layer of this well-crafted, unpredictable world that completely stole my heart. 

Guns of Liberty is available at

About Jamie

My name is Jamie Mauchline, an author, animator/artist, dungeon master and raid leader, living in New Zealand.
I enjoy things Fantasy and Sci-fi, jogging and hiking, making silly doodles, and probably play too many video games for my own good.
Current addiction: Guild Wars 2.

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