Sci-Fi Month 2020: Set TBRs to Stun

How’s that for a clever, punny-ish SciFi title? πŸ”«

It’s November folks, which means Halloween is still pretty fresh in our souls but it’s time for the party to move on to other worthy sceneries. And in November it’s. All. About. SCI-FI.

#SciFiMonth is a November blogging event organized by the lovely Imiryl @ Always Room for One More and Lisa @ Dear Geek Place. You can click on this link to follow the event along on Twitter and read the announcement post here.

As a passionate lover of tech and all things philosophy of the future, sci fi is easily my favorite genre of all time. I love fantasy with a fierceness, but it’s in sci fi I find my kindred spirit; in the discussion it produces, in the way it centers the present and the past to elevate the future, in the way it predicts society almost as accurately as science.

Seriously, read some of the expansive classics and contemporary works and then take a look at the current state of the world, and what it means for what the future can bring us. It never fails to amaze how deeply sci fi explores possibilities, and how sometimes it gets them so right it’s scary.

I’m very excited to join in on the celebrations for this genre with my own contributions. Scroll down to see what I’ll be up to and tell me about your own plans in the comments!

Book reviews

I Dream in Color, Sarah Mazza

I Dream in Color cover

The only man to escape a reality-forging facility where human bodies are exploited for resources, Alex must face his own demons and the civil unrest of his isolated moon colony.

The Storygraph Goodreads

Oshibana Complex, Craig Hallam

Oshibana Complex cover

Explores gender, identity, past, future, and individuality, in a cyberpunk world where humanity has lost the capability to biologically procreate and must synthesize new life into general body templates.

The Storygraph Goodreads

The Sentient, Nadia Afifi

The Sentient cover

A brilliant neuroscientist who can read memories is plunged into a conspiracy to stop the first human cloning, and is forced to confront the dark secrets of her past.

The Storygraph Goodreads

An Unnatural Life, Erin K. Wagner

An Unnatural life cover

A lawyer must uncover the facts behind the murder trial of a cybernetic organism accused of murdering a human.

The Storygraph Goodreads

Refuge, J J Blacklocke

Refuge cover

A young diplomat and translator plagued by horrific visions navigates the politics, culture clashes, and trade wars of space station Tradepoint while grieving the destruction of her homeworld.

The Storygraph Goodreads

Dust & Lightning, Rebecca Crunden

Dust & Lightning cover

A man sets off from Earth towards the civil unrest across star systems to find the truth of his brother’s death.

The Storygraph Goodreads

Arriving Through Time, Heather L Barksdale

Arriving through time cover

A young girl and her friends find themselves taken through time and must fight to survive and find the truth about themselves and each other.

The Storygraph Goodreads

The Hatch, Michelle Saftich

The hatch cover

In a world marked by the clash of tech and ethics, a woman with psychic powers uses her astral scouting skills to find her missing brother.

The Storygraph Goodreads

The New Voices of Science Fiction, (edited by) Hannu Rajaniemi & Jacob Weisman

The new voices of science fiction cover

An anthology of some of the most prominent and innovative voices of science-fiction.

The Storygraph Goodreads

The City Among the Stars, Francis Carsac

The city among the stars cover

A lieutenant of Earth’s Empire is found adrift by a community of hostile star-dwellers and coerced to disclose his knowledge of a rare tracking technology.

The Storygraph Goodreads

Rites of Passage, Mike Brooks

Rites of Passage by Mike Brooks

As the Head of the Navigator House of Brobantis dies, Lady Chettamandey, his widow, must navigate a landscape darkened by ritual killings, backstabbing politics, cult murders, and the fate of worlds in the balance.

The Storygraph Goodreads

I’d also love to get to the following two books, but considering the lengthy TBR coupled with other responsibilities, I’m not sure I’ll be able to this month. I have a lot of review requests I want to get to and other ARCs to read (including one of my most anticipated ARCs to date, A Curse of Roses ❀️), so we’ll see!

Seven Devils is pretty chunky so it might swerve into December, but I’ve heard amazing things about both of these books so I’d love to check them out asap:

The Vela, Yoon Ha Lee; Becky Chambers; Rivers Solomon; S L Huang

The Vela cover

A soldier-for-hire and the son of a wealthy inner planet’s president embark on a rescue mission to find a missing refugee ship, amidst the chaos of their dying star system.

The Storygraph Goodreads

Seven Devils, Elizabeth May & Laura Lam

Seven Devils cover

Five women aboard a deadly ship must unite against the expansion of a power-hungry empire or witness the fall of the galaxy as they know it.

The Storygraph Goodreads

Scifi Month banner
ARTWORK by Tithi Luadthong from

Featured Authors – Interviews & Guest Posts

Amidst the chaos of a haywire year, the SFM spaceship landed at Wyrm’s Outpost promising the sharing of new scientific findings, plentiful feasts showcasing the most alien of delicacies, and overall, a hell of a good time.

The carefully selected experts of the sprawling, cyberpunk-styled city of Galaxy have eagerly gathered to board the ship and bring together their experiences and expertise for another month-long journey across the stars. It’s now their time to board the community ship to share their discoveries with the world of Wyrm.

But sometimes downing three bottles of bubbling purple alien drink the night before a galactic exploration mission isn’t the most wise of decisions. Go figure.

As you log in to your shift, someone informs you that crew logs have gotten all jumbled up. That’ll teach you to put the future of humanity in the hands of electronics.

Crew profile photos gone, names transformed into illegible jumble, and permissions so switched up that engineering now has access to the physics department. Now you understand the fight that almost broke out over the correct way to let an egg fall to the ground without cracking its shell.

You obviously chose a fantastic day to have a killer hangover (you’re also pretty sure that eight-armed Ik’eot was tattooing at least six other people while you were explaining the intricacies of your questionable tattoo).

Fortunately not all is lost! You still have access to the GIP (Generic Identification Profile β€”and yes, it’s pronounced JIPβ€”) provided by Intelligence so all you have to do is connect them to each of the crew members’ ID tags you vaguely remember logging by hand.

Easy going, right?

Featured Guest Posts IDs

id tag 001

ID 001 GIP:

Author of imaginative, Norse-inspired science fantasy grimdark series will discuss blending sci-fi and fantasy in his work.

id tag 002

ID 002 GIP:

Co-authors of exciting, cultural, and political space adventure give us a peek at the art of worldbuilding inside and outside the pages of a book, used by the authors to paint the expansive world of their series.

id tag 003

ID 003 GIP:

Author of upcoming sci-fi series shares why he reads science fiction, what drew him to science fiction as a child, and how those influences and passion resulted in his writing. The author will also report for an extra shift on the Sci-Fi Month spaceship for an interview.

id tag 004

ID 004 GIP:

Author of genre-blender first installment in a series will reveal the secrets behind the creation of his complex, multidimensional world(s) spanning the outpost-city in the author’s latest novel.

id tag 005


With her dark, heart-rending novel at the forefront, this author joins the crew to explore the emotional aspects of her work, human connection and emotion, and how science fiction explores our capacity to both hope and destroy.

Featured Interviews IDs

id tag 006


Great news for those suffering from writer’s block! Author of YA time travel novella will join us for an interview to share tips on how to conquer the block beast, traveling, and, of course, sci-fi and writing.

id tag 007


Technologically advanced worlds, gender, identity, and individuality, all of which feature in the author’s latest novella and will be highlighted during this SFM interview.

id tag 008


I’ll be talking family, migration, and tarot with the author of this character-driven, space exploration novel that explores identity and familial ties.

id tag 009


Author of thought-provoking sci-fi debut joins the ship to discuss the intersection of technology and religion, her inspirations, and the way sci-fi builds open debates and reflects society.

id tag 010


Author of dystopian novella will be on the blog discussing her work, how a futuristic world can meld with a personal journey, her own experiences with blogging, and shifting between literary genres.

id tag 011


If you’d like to know how cybernetic lifeforms can shape the future of law, of human-machine interaction, and even what it means to be a medievalist, tune in for this shift with author of sci-fi novella exploring artificial intelligence.


Author of recently released speculative science fiction novel shares about constructing closed off systems, the social and political intricacies of sci fi, and the way speculative fiction reflects the real world.

How about it? Did you managed to match all IDs? Let me know your guesses in the comments!

But wait, there’s more! (“Damn, it’s not over yet?”, you grunt. To which I obnoxiously and predictably reply “I can do this all day”, in a knightly manner).

And yes, there’s one more feature I’m planning for this month, a feature that will involve a communal interview with 14+ writers! This is a feature I’m really excited to bring you because it’s like nothing I’ve ever done before, although l’ve done multi-author interview before on the blog for Let’s Get Lit Fest’s LGBTQ+ authors week. This one will be a bit different in terms of organization and will also feature writers of all stripes, from novel writers to audio drama scriptwriters to comic writers.

I’m very excited to hear from all these spectrum of the writing world.

I was honestly taken aback by the response I got to my call on Twitter, but now that the starstruck phase has passed (spoiler alert: not rly), I’m now overwhelmingly excited to bring you a fantastic group of non-binary writers to talk about the future (and present) of science fiction.

We’ll discuss everything from gender to favorite sci-fi landscapes to their own work, and generate some discussion on the expansive possibilities of this awesome genre as well as spotlighting the amazing writers working with it.

This interview will obviously need to be featured in two/+ different posts but I’m honestly over the moon and I can’t wait to share it with you πŸ™‚

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