Melodie Romeo for the Tribute in Blood Tour: 10 Historical Figures to Write About

Hi folx! I’m excited to share this post with you today, my part for Tomorrow Comes Media‘s blog tour for Melodie Romeo‘s thrilling historical romance, Tribute in Blood, which touches on the history of Vlad the Impaler but highlights a whole distinct set of characters of its own! Click below to be taken to the tour page and check out the other bloggers for reviews, interviews, guest posts, top ten lists, and more!

Earlier this year I’ve had the pleasure to work with both Stephen from Tomorrow Comes Media and Melodie, joining the blog tours for the first two books of the author’s Night Flyer Trilogy, Merchants in Milan and Secrets of Milan. These two made me an instant fan of Melodie, who wrote this incredible, bright historical “Batman” adventure with a sapphic love story, set in Renaissance Italy. If that stokes your embers, you can read my review of Merchants of Milan here and my review of Secrets of Milan here. Needless to say after the ending to the 2nd book, I’m biting my nails to see what the final installment brings!

Today though, the spotlight shines on Tribute in Blood. Check out the book synopsis, remember one of the most marking historical figures, and meet new characters to journey with through this intriguing historical novel:

tribute in blood cover
Tribute in Blood cover. Landscape with old castle at night

Tribute in Blood, a Tale of Vlad the Impaler, by Melodie Romeo (previously released under the title, Vlad, a Novel)

The most terrifying horrors are revealed in the pages of history.

After killing over 100,000 people during his first reign as Prince of Walachia, Vlad has returned, ready to inflict tortuous death on anyone he chooses. Only Nicolae and Maria, drawn together through mutual tragedies both inflicted by the ruthless Prince Dracula, dare try to stop him. Can Nicolae fulfill his plan of justice and revenge while winning the heart of the lovely Maria, or will he become the Impaler’s next victim?

With heart-stopping danger at every turn, detailed historical accuracy combined with fictional characters, and a myriad of surprises, Tribute in Blood is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Order this historical thriller-romance today!   

Book synopsis for “Tribute in Blood, a Tale of Vlad the Impaler” by Melodie Romeo


One of the things I most loved about Edale’s books was the way the author wrote this original storyline of unique and likeable heroines while bringing so much historical richness to the story by highlighting real historical figures (in the Night Flyer Trilogy, it’s Leonardo da Vinci whose life and influential achievements we get peeks of, since one of the mcs was his student). Though the intriguing historical figures themselves are not the focus, Melodie expertly utilizes her background in History, her love for research, and her expertise in teaching to give us the most entertaining lessons of all times. I wish I had learned History like this in school :’)

And because I loved that aspect of her stories, I asked Melodie (or rather, Stephen did, which, thanks for connecting us for another blog tour!) if she’d be interested in sharing about 10 of her favorite historical figures to write about.

Stick around to read which badass ancient influencers (am I wrong?!) Melodie chose!

Top 10 Historical Figures to Write About

by Melodie Romeo

There is a host of notable people from the past who have been neglected over the years by fiction authors, but the topic at hand is the “Top Ten Historical Figures to Write About.” Many of these have been explored by accredited writers in brilliant fashion while others have fewer novels featuring them. Nevertheless, I will name for you ten fascinating famous men and women who I would love to get to know better through narrative storytelling intended to bring them to life on the page and fill-in the details that the history books omit.


Alexander the Great was one of the most extraordinary men who ever lived. He was brilliant, intuitive, inquisitive, a master strategist, and a devoted friend. As a general, he never lost a battle—a distinction unequaled in 5,000 years of recorded history. I actually started writing a novel about him and his amazing life, but like so many other manuscripts, I laid it aside unfinished.


Mark Twain, or Samuel Clemens, was a talented and ingenious man who not only wrote exciting tales but lived one. I would find it quite enjoyable to place him as the protagonist of his own adventure story.


Hatshepsut, the first woman known to rule a nation, was a notable pharaoh of Egypt. Because supposedly only men could serve as monarchs, she was obliged to dress like and emulate a man, even wearing a fake beard. Egyptologists today consider her to be one of the most successful pharaohs.


Mansa Kankan Musa was the richest African warrior-king of all time who powerfully ruled Mali from 1312 to 1337 AD. With unimaginable influence, wealth, and control, Musa conquered twenty-four cities extending the reach of Mali’s kingdom. The setting, the man, and the action all have the makings of an exceptional best-seller.


Leonardo da Vinci was the quintessential Renaissance Man—an artist, inventor, scholar, philosopher, and undisputed genius. He traveled throughout Europe leading an extraordinary life and never married; any rumors of homosexuality did nothing to tarnish his reputation.

From left to right: leonardo, alexander, mark, Hatshepsut, and mansa kankan musa


Amina, or Aminatu, was a 15th century warrior queen of the Zaria Emirate, modern day Nigeria. Sundry legends have been told about her as being a fabled fighter who never married in order to protect her throne. She conquered many cities and ruled for several decades.


Christopher Columbus would make an interesting subject for any historical fiction author. What caused him to descend from courageous explorer to cruel taskmaster? Did fame and fortune get the better of him, or did his society and upbringing convince him that the indigenous people of the Caribbean were somehow not really human beings?


Queen Catherine the Great of Russia was undisputedly one of the nation’s most successful monarchs. What would it have been like to be her, balancing tradition with her progressive reforms and keeping the political wolves at bay?


Mother Teresa of Calcutta was not always an old woman, but she was from the start an exceptional one. What led her from Kosovo to Ireland and then to India? How was she consistently able to see beauty among poverty and despair? Did she truly find her life by giving it away?


Thomas Jefferson was a founding father of the new United States and its third president; he was also an inventor, a naturalist, a writer, and intellectual pioneer. But how was it that he could proclaim the virtues of freedom and still own slaves? Indeed, he had a romantic relationship with one. Did he envision a future that his generation could never have realized?

from left to right: Amina or Aminatu, Christopher Columbus, Queen Catherine the Great of Russia, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and Thomas Jefferson

The chronicles of the ages are overflowing with worthy subjects to explore, men and women who did astonishing things, lived interesting lives, and left their footprints on the ladder of time that has brought us to the present. These are just ten of those thousands. The mission of the historical fiction writer is more than just presenting facts as a biographer would do; she adds texture to the setting, insight into the personalities, and epic action to bring the past alive. And if she does her job right, you will find yourself enraptured in the tale and enlightened by what you have learned.  

About Melodie

Melodie Romeo author photo

Melodie Romeo, who also writes under the pen name Edale Lane, is the author of the award winning 2019 novel, Heart of Sherwood, and the Night Flyer Trilogy. As Melodie Romeo, she has written Vlad a Novel (soon to be re-released as Tribute in Blood), Terror in Time, and others. She founded Past and Prologue Press in 2019. Both identities are qualified to write historical fiction by virtue of an MA in History and 24 years spent as a teacher, along with skill and dedication in regard to research. She is a successful author who also currently drives a tractor-trailer across the United States. A native of Vicksburg, MS, Melodie is also a musician who loves animals, gardening, and nature.

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