Cover Reveal: Crowning Essence by Sahira Javaid

If you loved the cover reveal for Crowning Soul, Sahira Javaid’s magical portal fantasy and the first book in the Heart of Noorenia series, then you’re definitely not ready for this post. Proceed at your wallet’s/tbr’s own risk. You’ve been warned!

Crowning Essence is the sequel to the beginning of Nezha Zaman’s adventure through unknown lands, and as you can probably surmise from the author’s cover reveal tweet, it promises to enchant the reader with its Inuyasha-inspired “dark and dangerous” world. From the synopsis, one almost fears to read what paths lie ahead of Nezha, but I gotta say, the beautiful cover may just soften that blow…I can’t take my eyes off it 🥺

Seriously Sahira absolutely nails these illustrated covers, Fahmi is an insanely talented artist, and our queen Nezha always looks like she could step on me and I’d say ‘thank you’. Though ofc she wouldn’t cause she’s a sweetheart.

Keep scrolling for the cover reveal, but first let’s check out the blurb for the book:


Nezha successfully restored the angel’s soul. Despite that, Noorenia’s life force continues to dwindle as winter’s teeth sink into the land and the angel’s body remains lost. Now she needs to find other jawhars, who like her can control the elements. Nezha and the others are led to the city of Veer where jawhars are mere performers, magic is illicit entertainment and the water jawhar Amaya, under the control of the evil jinni Lexa—wreaks bloody havoc. If Nezha wants to keep Noorenia from falling apart, she needs to get the other jawhars to join her quest and find the angel’s body. Not only must they face Lexa’s corrupting magic, but their own inner demons. Then, tragedy befalls the city, testing Nezha with loss and as she struggles to hold onto what’s dear to her, she will be forced to sacrifice—and what—if she wants to keep the world of Noorenia from falling. A breathtaking tale, Crowning Essence is the dark and dangerous sequel to Crowning Soul.

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Crowning Essence cover
Cover art by Fahmi Fauzi

Isn’t that gorgeous?!

Crowning Essence will be available on Amazon later in the year, so while you wait, you can get your hands on Crowning Soul, if you haven’t yet. It’s available on Amazon, so here’s your chance to grab a copy!

Connect with Sahira

Sahira Javaid author photo. The author is holding a piece of paper spelling "faith. love. bravery"

Sahira Javaid is a YA fantasy writer and poetess from Ottawa who shares her poems on her Twitter page and her website. Fond of animals, nature and learning, she passes time with reading about the world around her, nature’s healing ways, chatting with friends and making others smile and laugh every time she gets. You can find her on Twitter as Bittersweetbook.

Her poetry book Crack of Dawn is available on Amazon and other online retailers.


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