Beta Reading Services

Status: I am currently OPEN for beta reading requests.

Below is a comprehensive statement of my rates, expertise, pricing, and privacy conditions. Please read them in their entirety before submitting a request and sending me an email.

What is a beta reader?

A beta reader is essentially a “market tester” for your unpublished manuscript, providing you with thorough, objective insight on your work.

This feedback focuses on plot, dialogue, pacing, consistency, flow, characterization, and any other matters as seen from a reader’s perspective. A beta reader works with you to ensure your story is cohesive, appealing, and establishes a strong basis for readers to enjoy.

My work ethic

I pride myself on having a solid work ethic in everything I do, professionally and otherwise.

Literature, books, and stories, have been a passion of mine ever since I was young. I was motivated to read by my parents and grandparents, who unwittingly set this fire within me that makes me love words. From day to night, from the beach to bed, my parents and grandparents fostered my love for stories at every hour of every day.

For that reason, I have deep respect for authors and their work. I became a book blogger following my ambition to uplift authors and their stories, to support them in whatever way possible.

My decision to become a beta and sensitivity reader stemmed from that and I’ve had incredible experiences with the authors I have been fortunate to work with. The feedback I’ve gotten from authors has been uplifting and the experience fantastic, solidifying my passion.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask away!

My method

As your beta reader, I will…

  • Offer you invaluable constructive criticism from a reader’s POV;
  • Provide honest, straight-forward feedback;
  • Use my detail-oriented skills to best analyse your manuscript;
  • Continuously improve my capabilities to best support your work with my own.

I provide you with expansive and detailed commentary and suggestions (using Word’s Review tool), as well as answer any specific questions you might provide me. If you don’t provide me with any specific questions or themes/subjects you want me to focus on, I will write a thorough reading report that focuses on all the topics I mentioned above on “What is a Beta Reader?”.

I will read through your manuscript 3 times.

Once, to get to know your story. Twice, to focus on any specifics I might have missed at first, and thrice, to arrange my comments and fully answer your questions.

As your beta reader, I will never…

  • Take away your voice or try to rewrite your story;
  • Do line-by-line editing;
  • Do extensive grammar editing (though I provide commentary on most of it);
  • Disclose any information regarding your manuscript.

If you want to get an extra perspective on my work, you can browse this blog for some of my reviews and posts.

Experience and expertise


As someone who is constantly working at bettering myself and my services, I will kindly ask that you give me any feedback and/or a testimonial of my work upon completion of my reading.

I am looking for honest, upright, fair constructive criticism that will help me better improve my services, so don’t hesitate to be brutally honest with your thoughts.

Below you will find testimonials from authors I have had the pleasure to work with:

Arina went above and beyond for me as a beta reader. She gave great insight into the characters, pacing, flow, dialogue, and setting, explaining clearly and with enthusiasm what she loved and also giving helpful constructive criticism where necessary. It’s obvious that she’s done this many times and is skilled and passionate about her work as a beta reader. I would 100% suggest Arina’s beta reading services to other writers!

A. M. Duperre

Arina’s feedback was sincere, specific, and thoroughly considered—she was unafraid to delve into problem areas and give context to her suggestions, and encouraged communication and follow-up questions. Her insight helped me turn my book into something much more nuanced and it was a pleasure working with her.

Lia Ryerson

Arina’s beta review went further than I could’ve imagined. I’ve had reviewers who come back with a few grammatical fixes and one or two random comments but not Arina. She provides amazing, well thought out feedback on voice, pacing, consistency, grammar, and interest. She identified and called out some large mistakes that my other readers and editors missed. Each of her comments are detailed and you can be confident that she’ll never try to change your voice. I couldn’t recommend her more!

Sean Willson, author of the Dark Nebula trilogy

Arina is a wonderful beta reader – she is very thorough and thoughtful, and had really insightful notes for my manuscript. She’s very good at honing in on key points and issues with the manuscript, and spotting areas that could use tightening and adjusting. She also immediately got the theme and feel of my story and it was so great feeling like she understood my vision and what I was aiming for! I definitely recommend her services to anyone looking for a beta

Angela Wang

Genres I beta read for

  • Fantasy
  • Science-Fiction
  • Historical
  • Literary Fiction

These are included within any age group, from MG to Adult. I am comfortable reading outside of those genres upon further discussion.

I would also appreciate any content warnings you might have regarding your work, especially if it contains: sexual abuse, gore, graphic violence. These will not be deterrent to me reading your work but I require a heads up before doing so.

I will not read any erotica, poetry, or military fiction.


Prices are $0.001 USD/word or $1/1000 words.

Prices will be rounded and I am open to receive payment in € or £. I also offer a 10% discount for returning costumers (covering a service rendered immediately following a previous one, provided it is within the same book series. Off-stories not included).

Payment terms and conditions

  • Payment will be accepted via Paypal only;
  • Payment terms to be agreed. This means I can accept payment by installments, on specific occasions. In these cases, I will read parts of your manuscript according to details agreed upon by both of us. Specific timelines and numbers will be discussed on a case-by-case basis;
  • Payment is non-refundable. As a beta reader, I will provide you with honest, straightforward feedback that may not meet your expectations or desires, but I still expect to be compensated for my time and effort.

Privacy terms and conditions

  • I take my own work extremely seriously. As such, your privacy and that of your work is my top priority. I have a strong code of ethics and I will not share, steal, or appropriate any information and/or ideas in your manuscript. My priority in the rendering of these services is, and always will be, working with the authors to polish their stories to the best representation of themselves and their ideas;
  • As a book reviewer, I do reserve the right to read, review, and freely critique your final published piece;
  • In reading your work I am not directly endorsing it. I ask you that you do not misuse my name as a shield against criticism or in claiming that your work is free of any and all bias;
  • If you wish to do so, you may mention my name in the acknowledgements of your work. I’d be more than glad to know I helped you enough for that! Please ask for permission beforehand;
  • I am happy to sign formal non-disclosure agreements that comply with these terms and conditions prior to the rendering of my services.

General terms and conditions

  • As a rule, I will respond to your request within 5 days. If I do not reply to your messages within that timeline, you are free to contact me again (sometimes the spam folder eats them up);
  • I reserve the right to deny any requests. My refusal to work with you on your manuscript does not constitute a personal statement on it and I will be glad to respectfully clarify my reasons;
  • In accepting your request, we will discuss payment, timelines, as well as particulars regarding the type of feedback you want me to focus on. Upon us coming to an agreement, I will sign any non-disclosure agreements necessary that comply with my terms listed above. My beta reading will begin as soon as I receive payment;
  • Please allow up to 3 weeks turnaround from the moment I confirm reception of payment. If you have any specific timelines for the feedback you require of me, feel free to mention them in your request.


Thank you for reading! 🙂 You can email me at with any further inquiries or requests or fill out the following form:

I always reply to requests. If you don’t hear back from me in about a week, please feel free to shoot me another email and reiterate your request. It’s possible your message might have ended up in my spam folder without me noticing.

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