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Review Requests: CURRENTLY CLOSED, I AM NOT TAKING REQUESTS ATM. HUGE BACKLOG NEEDS TO GO 1st! Please do not message me about review requests for the moment. I am old and tired and experiencing the chaos of this pandemic, and I have not the head space to respond to every message. We will both just end up feeling terribly unappreciated.*

*HOWEVER: Please feel free to contact me for any other requests, such as interviews, cover reveals, guest posts, ect. It’s always a pleasure to connect with authors and your work, even if I currently don’t have time left to read your book!

Welcome, thank you for visiting πŸ––πŸΌ

This page is dedicated to all storytellers. If you have a story you want me to journey to, this is the place to enlist me in your crew. Read further to find more about me and if I’m the right person for your book, shoot me a message!

Genres I don’t take requests for:

  • Erotica
  • Poetry/Verse
  • Romance
  • Military-focused stories
  • Self-help
  • Religious non-fiction
  • Memoir

Please keep these in mind when requesting me to read your work.

Favorite Genres/Books:

  • Sci-fi
  • Fantasy
  • Cultural non-fiction
  • Crime Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Books by AOC
  • Books by LGBTQ+ authors

These include all age groups from MG to Adult. Genre-blenders are highly appreciated.

Other favorite themes/genres/subgenres I love to read about: A.I., mythology, crime fantasy, cyberpunk, steampunk, biopunk, science fantasy, historical (non-white cultures prefered but not exclusively), crime/mystery, thriller, court politics, galactic empires, space opera, social/political/cultural sff, tech-noir, dark fantasy, grimdark, gray morality, alien predator, worldbuilding, ancient cultures.

Some of my favorite reads from the last couple years: The Boy Who Walked Too Far by Dom Watson; Fireheart Tiger by Aliette de Bodard; The Forever Sea by Joshua Phillip Johnson; Phoenix Extravagant by Yoon Ha Lee; Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know by Samira Ahmed; The Moonsteel Crown by Stephen Deas; Tower of Mud and Straw by Yaroslav Barsukov; The Archive by Dan Fitzgerald; The City We Became by NK Jemisin.

What if you don’t like my book?

I love connecting to and discussing stories, no matter how I experience them, and I have deep respect for every author that creates them. Not every story resonates with me, which is natural. Not every story fits everyone, and just because I may not connect with your work doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value.

In case I don’t relate to your work, I will be respectful in communicating my reasons. I will never slander your efforts.

My reviews attempt to focus on what a book convenes and sets out to accomplish; considering my personal tastes but still trying to be as objective as possible with what the book does outside my expectations. In case you’re curious of my method, here’s an example review of a book that did not reach the standardized 3-star rating for me.

FAQ (read before requesting, please):

What formats do you read?

Mobi is my preferred format. Files will remain for my personal use and won’t ever be shared with anyone else. If all you have is another format, I’ll gladly take it. My favorite format is physical copies (mainly for cognitive reasons) but I know it’s not always possible so don’t stress about it. My Kindle loves its workouts.

Do you accept Amazon gifts or physical copies?

I will be delighted to accept gifts or physical copies. If you wish to send me these, keep in mind I can only accept digital Amazon gifts from PT or the UK, and physical copies to PT (or the UK, depending, but less often now).

How soon can you read my book?

Due to other commitments, it can take me about 1-5 months to read your book from the moment I receive it. I will confirm reception with you and email you when the review is up with the links. It usually takes me from a week to a month to finish a book once I start it, but I’ll do my best to update you if I’ve suffered any setbacks. I sometimes take a while longer than predicted. Please be kind to me as this year hasn’t lol.

Where do you post your reviews?

On this blog, Goodreads, The Storygraph, Booksloth, Barnes & Noble, The LibraryThing, and Twitter. I am unable to leave Amazon reviews atm. I can also post your review on Queen’s Asylum instead of on this blog, if you request it.

If there’s another review/retail site you wish me to post on, feel free to let me know.

Can you review as a sensitivity reader?

Yes, but this is a paying service which you can read more about on my sensitivity reading page. I am also a beta reader.

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚ If you’re interested in sharing your story with me, you can either shoot me an email at:

catlitreview [at] gmail [dot] com

or fill in the following form*:

If you don’t hear back from me in about a week, and your request complies with all the terms above (as well as, you know, using my name on your message. It feels nice to be appreciated like that) please feel free to shoot me another email and reiterate your request. It’s likely your message ended up in my spam folder without me noticing or it somehow missed me!

*To help with the trigger warning section included in the form, here’s a small list of possible content I’d be grateful if you could warn me about. This will not, in any way, impact my decision to read your book. I merely appreciate the warning beforehand:

Addiction, Pedophilia, Abuse, Substance Abuse, Animal cruelty, Queerphobia, Body horror (if it’s not a book in the horror or grimdark genre), Bullying, Fatphobia, Terminal illness, Chronic illness, Mental Illness, Degenerative Illness, Cannibalism, Deadnaming, Eating disorder, Genocide, Gore, Violence (graphic, gun, etc), Incest, Miscarriage, Mass shootings, Police brutality, Racial bigotry/Racism, Religious bigotry, Self-harm, Suicide, Suicidal thoughts, Rape, Human trafficking, Torture

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