Angela Wang, author

Arina is a wonderful beta reader – she is very thorough and thoughtful, and had really insightful notes for my manuscript. She’s very good at honing in on key points and issues with the manuscript, and spotting areas that could use tightening and adjusting. She also immediately got the theme and feel of my story and it was so great feeling like she understood my vision and what I was aiming for! I definitely recommend her services to anyone looking for a beta.

Sean Willson, author of the Dark Nebula trilogy

Arina’s beta review went further than I could’ve imagined. I’ve had reviewers who come back with a few grammatical fixes and one or two random comments but not Arina. She provides amazing, well thought out feedback on voice, pacing, consistency, grammar, and interest. She identified and called out some large mistakes that my other readers and editors missed. Each of her comments are detailed and you can be confident that she’ll never try to change your voice. I couldn’t recommend her more!

Dan Fitzgerald, author of the Maer Cycle

From the very first e-mail, Arina immediately put me at ease. She wrote with warmth and consideration, saying how excited she was to help answer my questions and make sure the book I published was as good as it could possibly be. I never got a vibe of being evaluated, judged, or spoken down to. It was all about how she could help me, as a writer, improve my craft, and the book, so readers of all stripes would feel seen and understood.

Lia Ryerson, author

Arina’s feedback was sincere, specific, and thoroughly considered—she was unafraid to delve into problem areas and give context to her suggestions, and encouraged communication and follow-up questions. Her insight helped me turn my book into something much more nuanced and it was a pleasure working with her.

A.M. Duperre, author

Arina went above and beyond for me as a beta reader. She gave great insight into the characters, pacing, flow, dialogue, and setting, explaining clearly and with enthusiasm what she loved and also giving helpful constructive criticism where necessary. It’s obvious that she’s done this many times and is skilled and passionate about her work as a beta reader. I would 100% suggest Arina’s beta reading services to other writers!

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